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DZBH is a leading supplier in thermoplastic elastomers and C5 hydrogenated hydrocabon resins. Sales center Headquatered in Nanjing, China. We are strategic partner with Sinopec. As taking the lead of world technical, DZBH possesses advantages and experiences in styrenic block copolymers(SBS/SEBS/SIS/SBC), compounds and hydrocarbon resins. As an innovative company, DZBH has comprehensive technical ability of providing various elastomers portfolio for  automotive,industry,construction, consumer and many other applications, our experts in chemicals know how to reduce your cost and improve the reliability of your process.                  
Harvesting the dream, recreating achievements——2015 DZBH Annually Celebrating and Excellent Staff Award Ceremony
DZBH & U-TPE Offline Activity —— 2014 the 7th Thermoplastic Elastomer Application and Development Seminar
New material making the aeroplane quiet over a thousand times
Ultra flexible long-range elasticity fiber developed by Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
DZBH & U-TPE Offline Activity —— 2014 China Material Tech and Industry Exposition
     New and green chemicals and materials is what we are doing everyday, we keep noticing and sensitive to our customers and the markets, doing researches and develop new technology to help the customers fullfill their goals.  
Adhesives and Sealants
Polymer Modification
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